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St. Peter's and St. Paul's Week at a glance




Saturday, October 10TH

7:45 AM                    SPE               Confessions

8:15 AM  Mass         SPE                For the people of our ACC


Sunday, OCTOBER 11TH

9:00 AM    Mass       SPA                 †Bill Przybilla

10:30 AM  Mass       SPE                 †Marlyce Stainbrook

Monday, October 12th

8:15 AM                   SPE            Cancelled until further notice

Tuesday, October 13th

8:15 AM   Mass         SPE              †Betty De Vriendt

3:00 PM                    SPE            Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday, October 14th

8:15 AM   Mass         SPA             †Father Andrew Marthaler

                                                     NO FAITH FORMATION

​Thursday, October 15th

7:45 AM                   SPE               Confessions

8:15 AM   Mass        SPE              †Carol Hartman

Friday, October 16th

7:45 AM                   SPA                Confessions

8:15 AM   Mass        SPA              †Walter Orth & Dorothy Orth

Saturday, October 17th

7:45 AM                  SPE                 Confessions

8:15 AM  Mass        SPE                For the people of our ACC

Sunday, October 18TH

9:00 AM    Mass       SPA                 †Dick Chmielewski

10:30 AM   Mass       SPE               †Leo Mockenhaupt