Saint Paul's Christian Women


Who are the Saint Paul’s Christian Women?

In a word…YOU! All women who belong to the Church of St. Paul automatically belong to Saint Paul’s Christian Women. No need to register…no need to qualify… no need to feel left out.

How much do I pay to belong?

Actually, you don’t have to pay anything…we’re just happy to have you. But we do collect $10.00 annual dues from all those willing and able to pay. You’ll find a special envelope in your September pack, or use your own envelope to pay anytime, whether it’s September or not.

What do the Saint Paul’s Christian Women do?

Lots of different activities, most of which directly benefit the Church of Saint Paul. Our major fundraiser is the annual Holiday Bazaar in November. The Bazaar includes a bake sale, craft sale, gift basket auction, raffle, and luncheon with entertainment. We also have bake sales featuring delicious Caramel Rolls. In the past five years, these activities have brought in more than $100,000. We are effective fundraisers!


But we do so much more! Past activities have included providing funeral luncheons, cooking for the Harvest Dinner, sewing prayer blankets, sewing blankets for the children at Anna Marie’s, sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop, holiday Outreach to homebound members of the parish, cleaning the school kitchen, praying for each other, educating our members with presentations at our semiannual meetings, etc.

What does all that fundraising support?

Most of it goes right to our church…about 70%! This helps to provide altar supplies such as wine, communion wafers, missalettes, and candles. We support the music ministry and give to the Capital Campaign. We have purchased kitchen equipment, and a new microphone and window coverings for the dining room and kitchen. We have contributed to the costs of celebrations and special gifts for our pastors and staff members. In addition, we are regular contributors to Catholic Charities, Anna Marie’s Alliance, Hands Across the World, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Red Cross disaster relief.