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Week of October 25, 2020

On October 14th ,we hosted our ACC Parish Hall Meeting in order to inform and update the members of our ACC Parishes on what our ACC Transition Committee has accomplished these past 1 ½ years as well as present the rationale which has lead up to our current ACC Mass Schedule and decisions. I want to thank all the members of our ACC Transition Team who helped put our presentation together and the volunteers who helped live-stream our presentation and post on our website as well. We had about 95 people attend our gathering with over 1,562 others who have viewed it on line so far! Imagine that! This is a great sign of how much people are interested in understanding and knowing what is going on, and it goes to show how many of us have a deep commitment and concern about our Catholic Faith.

A lot of information was shared that evening with regard to the current number of people attending Mass during both Covid-19 and Pre-Covid-19 times. We clarified the importance of being a welcoming place for our Hispanic and Latin communities of which the Diocesan Planning Council and the Bishop requested of us. We also helped clarify Fr. Tom Skaja’s role as Parochial Vicar and how he is basically in charge of the Hispanic Ministry, not only at Waite Park where he does Mass on Sundays, but also at Elk River, MN where he also ministers and does Sunday Masses as well. Finally, we fielded over a dozen and a half questions regarding our ACC Mass Schedule and any concerns that were brought up. Special thanks to all those who voiced their questions to us. Our hope is that many were clarified or answered. If you did not have an opportunity to attend this meeting or did not watch it on-line, please check out our website at to check it out.

In our ACC Transition Team’s discernment and decisions over time, no one committee member got “all the (proverbial) marbles” they probably wanted. Like many of you, we all needed to stretch and see the bigger picture outside our individual parishes and self in an attempt to be better prepared for the future as well. Our hope is that people came away from our meeting with a greater understanding and appreciation of our decision making process and that this information will continue to be shared and passed on.

I would like to leave you with the words of our closing prayer used at our ACC Parish Hall meeting in the hopes that we all take these to heart: “Lord God, we thank you for this time together. May we be inspired with dedication, prayer, patience and understanding as we seek to serve your Son. Help us to realize that our Area Catholic Community will be friendly, if we are friendly. It will do great work, if we work together. It will be generous, if we are generous. It will be filled with people, if we invite. And, it will be guided by the Holy Spirit, if we allow our self to be guided. With the help of that same Holy Spirit, may we dedicate ourselves to the task of being all things that we want our parish families to be. May God bless our journey that together we might build the whole Church through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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