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Week of September 20, 2020

ACC Parish Hall Meeting

When the Bishop and his Planning Office decided to organize the parishes of the diocese into Area Catholic Communities to serve the needs of the people of the diocese more effectively and efficiently while preparing for the coming changes in available priests, he gave some benchmarks on how parishes can join together in an ACC. One of those benchmarks was to reevaluate the Mass schedule. He then gave some instructions and recommendations for considerations when drafting a new schedule.

Our Together as One ACC Planning Council sought to incorporate those guidelines with the particular reality of our situation in the parishes of St. Peter, St. Joseph, St. Michael, and St. Paul. We spent a lot of time considering possible options for our Mass schedule before ultimately arriving at the schedule we now have. Thank you to those who provided their thoughts and comments to the planning council as well. We take your feedback seriously.

We had always planned to have a “Parish Hall” meeting to discuss the changes in the schedule and the process by which we arrived at that decision. It would be an opportunity to answer some common questions and get additional feedback as well. However, with Masses and meetings being suspended for so many months, we never had the opportunity to schedule that parish hall meeting before the changes actually took place. Though we have tried to address some questions and concerns in the bulletin and in the letter sent to parishioners, we would still like to provide another means by which we can address the issue.

The plan is to have a parish hall meeting on Wednesday, October 14th in the gymnasium at St. Peter’s at 7:00 p.m. There will be a Power Point presentation going through how we got to this point – where we were, history of the ACC, and specifics on the decision-making process. Then we will address comments and concerns that we have received, and open the meeting to answer some questions in the remaining time available. We ask that those who plan to attend to wear masks inside the building and observe social distancing. The meeting will be recorded as well and available to view on the website. To try to answer as many questions or comments as possible, we ask that you submit them prior to the parish hall meeting. You can submit your comments by writing something and placing it in the mailboxes located near the entrance or each church location, or submit it via the website using the contact tab, or reach out to one of the pastors or planning council members. Please submit those questions by October 5th to allow for time to incorporate them into the presentation. We hope to hear from you and continue to respond to your input so that as an ACC we can more effectively focus on our true task in live: Giving praise to God, and seeking the salvation of souls.

Fr. Timothy Gapinski

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