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Week of May 31st, 2020


Holy Orders is one of the seven sacraments instituted by Christ and given to the Church for our salvation. In our diocese, we have the pleasure of celebrating this sacrament June 6th for three men preparing to be ordained as priests: Patrick Hoeft, Brady Keller, and Thomas Skaja. Many of you from St. Michael and St. Joseph likely know Brady, since he has been visiting approximately once a month for the last few years to learn more about parish life and ministry.

Unfortunately, this year because of health concerns those able to attend the ordination will be quite limited (though it will be live-streamed for those interested in watching and praying together for our new priests). I am sure attending first Masses and blessing with the newly ordained will be a logistical challenge as well. I would also guess that many graduates and others in today’s world can empathize with the challenges and disappointments of not being able to honor or celebrate as we might have wished.

Nevertheless, it is important that we all seek to support and encourage one another. In these times when we cannot always be physically present to each other, we should strive to be more present in other ways – spiritually, emotionally, morally. Consider offering a special prayer or sending a card, flowers, or gift to those marking milestones during this time, whether birthdays, graduations, weddings, ordinations, or even funerals. A kind reminder that we are not alone can go a long way in lifting spirits.

In particular, please pray for those to be ordained, for their first assignments, and for all those called to this vocation of service. It has been a blessing to have Brady with us and share his gifts and talents with our parishes. Also see his note on page 3 wherein he offers his thanks and prayers. May God always bless him and his ministry.

Fr. Timothy Gapinski

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