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Week of December 22, 2019

“Silent Partners with God:” There are people in our families, among our friends, in our homes and in our parish churches who make Christmas possible for everyone. These are the ones who prepare our church space, who plan our liturgies, who shovel the snow and clear the driveway for guests. Those who decorate their house, who set the table, who cook a delicious meal, who invite those whom they know and do not always have a place to go, who entertain their guests, who make sure everyone feels welcome, who remind people what the real meaning of Christmas is about, and who take a moment to ‘Say grace” and to pray. These are the ones whom I call “Silent Partners with God,” because without them, our celebration could not be possible. These are the same ones who they feel no need to be the lime-light. They simply do their part and watch in silence how God is working within the gatherings of their church and their homes. In the process of their “listening” they rejoice that a Savoir is born and so they try to convey that joy by simply creating an environment in which that joy can be spread.

My description here of these kinds of people is really the embodiment of the person of St. Joseph whom we hear in our Gospel this weekend. God needed St. Joseph to be that quiet partner. That person who would protect a mother and child and whom God could trust to do his best to make Christmas possible, our Savior’s birth. Yes, the coming of God’s Son was in less than ideal conditions, less than pleasant circumstances….after all, a baby born in a barn is not exactly the best of situations. Yet, St. Joseph did what he could to create a safe space for Christ. For him, there was no need to be the center of attention, but simply create a space for the Christ Child. His reward was simply to gaze upon God’s Son, and to observe the reaction of not only Mary and her child, but also the response of the Angels, shepherds and kings who came to see God’s great plan unfold before them.

In the next few days, chances are you will be inviting (or be invited) to celebrate the wonderful holiday we call Christmas! In those gatherings take a moment to look around and secretly observe those people you notice who make Christmas possible for others like St. Joseph-those ‘Silent partners of God’ and either secretly pray God’s blessing upon them and/or better yet, also personally thank them. May God grant a Peaceful and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl.

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