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Week of December 15, 2019

This being the Third Sunday in Advent, I hope your Advent spiritual journey is going well, that you are finding new ways to discover God at work in your life. This weekend you may see the presider's at Mass wearing pink! Not that I am a fan of ‘men wearing pink’ but this change of colors is a reminder that although Advent is essentially a penitential season, it is ‘softened’ by the joy and anticipation that a Savior is coming. Soon to be born to redeem us and manifest God’s unconditional love. This is one reason why the Third Sunday in Advent is also called “Rejoice Sunday” or “Gaudete Sunday” in Latin. It is meant to heighten our awareness of God’s presence among us, even in our darkness and that God has a great hope for us all! So, what do you hope for this Advent season? What promise do you hold in your mind and heart? This season I encourage everyone to deepen your awareness of God at work in your life and to get in touch with that hope which only God can fill in our life.

One way to deepen our hope and enrich our spirits is to attend our showing of the “The Francis Impact”. This is a documentary film which we will be showing at the Church of St. Peter on Wednesday, December 18th starting at 6:30 pm. in the church proper. This documentary film was made by “Salt and Light Productions” based out of Canada. Some years ago they made a film entitled “The Francis Effect” not long after Pope Francis was appointed our new Pontiff. This film was shown on PBS, national T.V. This second film entitled “The Francis Impact” is meant to be a sequel and to document, in concrete ways, what real impacts Pope Francis has made in our church and in our world. The documentary tells the story of real-life human experiences and focuses on 4 things: 1) Global migration. 2) Environment. 3) Economic trade. 4) Reform of the Annulment process. What makes this so exciting is the fact that members of our own parish at St. Peter are showcased in this international film in regard to the reformed annulment process! The video is about 90 min. long and we will have a short discussion following. All are welcome and invited to attend our showing, so please come and join us and make this part of your Advent journey and experience! See you at the movies!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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