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Week of November 10, 2019

Enclosed in each bulletin (and you may also receive by this mail) you will find an appeal for your support of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud. Catholic Charities of St. Cloud is a non-profit organization that supports the mission of our diocese. They serve people of all faiths with dignity and respect in regard to their special needs. Catholic Charities addresses many needs and provides many services in the area of Emergency Services such as: Food Shelf, Clothing program, Financial Assistance, Holiday Toy program and the Good Samaritan Fund. In the area of Housing Services they provide: Transitional Housing, Services to Homeless Youth, Affordable Housing program, Disability Housing, Mental Health Housing, and Financial Counseling. In the area of Mental Health they provide: Behavioral Health Clinic, In Home Mental Health Programs, and Day Treatment programs. In the area of Senior Health and Wellness there is the Foster Grandparent program and Senior Dining. In area of Rural Life there is the Rural Life Fund and Rural Life Leadership Development Initiative and the list goes on and on!

It is my understanding that there are 4 different locations of Catholic Charities in the city of St. Cloud, each serving these special needs: Catholic Charities Office at 911 18th St. N.; Catholic Charities Emergency Services at 157 Roosevelt Road, Catholic Charities St. Elizabeth Board and Lodge at 306 15th Ave. N. and Catholic Charities Offices at 1726 7th Ave. S.

Part of being “Church” means we must reach out to others, hear their story and do what we can to help them make the next step to a better, more secure and productive life. Jesus once said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do to me!” (Mt. 25,40f) Catholic Charities seeks to answer that call to be the mind and heart and hands of Christ. This said, I encourage everyone, in addition to your regular Sunday giving, to please be generous to this call and help support our Catholic Charities organization. Every dollar counts. As their motto says, “Together we can make a different tomorrow.”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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