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Week of October 27, 2019

“Together As One!” This is the name our ACC Transition Team has decided to give to our new Area Catholic Community! After 3 months of long (and sometimes lively) discussion, our 17 member ACC Transition Team has finally come up with a brand name for the grouping of St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Michael and St. Joseph Parishes that we hope everyone will like and grasp onto. In the course of our discussions somewhere between 25-35 different names were presented, talked about, and reviewed, including a philosophical discussion on how we should go about naming our new ACC. “Together As One,” both fits our faith and our mission as a 4 parish community and what we hope to accomplish over the course of the next two years and beyond as we cooperate with each other, transition, and work together as 4 parishes.

Our next step from here is to come up with some ideas for a logo/design that will fit this name and be inclusive as well as representative of all our parishes. Our team’s plan is to come up with 2-4 designs which we would then like to present publically to all our parish members at large to look at and eventually vote on. The design which gets the greatest number of votes will be our new design. Although we already have some ideas in the works, if you feel you have great idea and you want to pass that on, feel free to submit a simple sketch or drawing to our Main Office at St. Paul and we will see to it that it gets to a member of ACC team for consideration.

Having a brand name and logo will be a huge step forward as from here we will be able to launch a unified parish website, a four parish bulletin, bring a single faith formation program along, unite some of our current parish committees, and the list goes on. Again, it is our understanding (and that of our bishop) that each of our 4 parish communities will maintain their unique identities with separate finances and parish corporations at this time, and yet by coming together in a spirit of collaboration, we will be able to do more together, with more resources and better efficiency as well. We also have a subcommittee working on ‘templates’ for a new bulletin and website. Stay tuned for further news and information and please pray that “Together as One,” we will continue the Lord’s work!

Fr. LeRoy

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