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Week of September 15, 2019

This weekend it’s great to welcome and have Deacon Dave Lindmeier as our guest preacher here at St. Peter and St. Paul. As most of you know, Deacon Dave served our parishes for many years up until about 2015 when he moved to Duluth to be closer to family. Recently however, he and his wife, Lynn, have moved closer to St. Cloud in the Brainerd area. Since we are practically “neighbors” I asked Deacon Dave if he would be willing to come visit us and preach this weekend. Of course, he said, “Yes!” I thought it would be great for him to touch base with some old friends and greet all the folks of our parish community. Deacon Dave does a wonderful job at preaching so it will be good to see him. Not to mention that I also consider him a good friend. At present, Deacon Dave is fully retired and enjoying a more relaxed life with his wife, (although Bishop Kettler still wants him to have some attachments to the Diocese of St. Cloud.)

With our new ACCs taking place throughout our diocese, I believe Deacons will play a major role in assisting pastors, in staffing, and in leadership within these various ACC communities. Deacons provide a wonderful source of inspiration, of talent, of providing many of the Sacraments, and even of helping with administrative skills that could be very useful in managing larger Area Catholic Communities. Time will tell how this all transpires for us here at St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Michael and St. Joseph. If and when you get a chance be sure to say, “Hi!” to Deacon Dave this weekend. Hopefully he will come visit us more often in the future as well! In the meantime, God bless Deacon Dave and all deacons who provide such important ministries in our parishes and in our diocese!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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