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Week of August 25, 2019

“Parish Festivals, Breakfasts, Dinners, Bake Sales and Bazaars!” These fundraisers within our own Area Catholic Communities of St. Peter, Paul, Michael and Joseph (ACC parishes) are all important events. As Summer draws nearer to a close, this is the time of year when these activities begin to gear up. (Within our own ACC I know of several fundraising events.) We have our monthly Parish Breakfasts at St. Peter and our Spring Fling in May. At St. Paul we have our Christian Women’s Fall Bazaar, caramel rolls and Fish Fry during Lent. St. Michael has numerous bake sales to raise funds. Finally, at St. Joseph (Waite Park) I know they have their own Lenten Fish Fry’s and this September they host their Annual St. Joseph Parish Festival, (which I hope you all will consider attending.)

Each of these gatherings are important for several reasons: 1) They draw people together and strengthen our sense of a Faith-community as well as help people meet each other at these social events. 2) They are often important fundraisers to help with parish budgets or important causes. 3) They compel volunteers to work together for a greater purpose in furthering the Kingdom of God in our midst. 4) And finally, the food tastes great and they are just plain fun! I could list other reasons why these are such an important part of each parish and why I strongly encourage everyone within our ACC to advertise and attend these fundraising gatherings. Being a good steward means our willingness to take time to give as well as to receive. To be in partnership with other. After all, this is part of our calling in Jesus Christ. Here, we support, affirm, volunteer, enjoy and engage each other in God! So, as the end of Summer draws near, may we all do our part, be involved and begin the work of Christ.

One final note: I would like to draw your attention to our bulletin article by Conrad Meier regarding St. Peter’s Parish Breakfast Organizational Meeting which was held this past week on Wednesday, August 21st at 6:30 pm. Please read the article this week and take to heart. Although the Knights of Columbus have been leading the charge in hosting these breakfasts, by no means does one have to be a KC member to lead or help. This year we are still in need of a New Committee Members, those willing to help and continue our monthly breakfasts. Like all our parish festivals, bakes sales, bazaars, this is an important part of our fundraising budget. With Dean Walz stepping down, new leaders are needed to step up who are willing to try their hand at organizing these breakfasts. In recent years past, we have had plenty of volunteers willing to help, yet the challenge is get a small group of people to organize this and see to it that all bases are covered so when our monthly breakfasts begin, everyone is happy, including those who come to eat and share some socializing with us!

Peace and God Bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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