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Week of July 28, 2019

I want to thank those representatives from our parishes for who came forward during Masses last weekend to speak to us and to inform us about what “Habitat for Humanity” is about, and to hopefully enlist your support and help. Habitat for Humanity is such a great organization that provides low income housing and opportunities for families and individuals who simply need a little assistance to establish their own new home. Through generous business sponsors, individual donors, and actual people who volunteer to “pound nails’ Habitat is able to make these dreams come true.

It’s important to know that those individuals and/or families chosen for a house (build) go through an important screening process to see if they have the means to both own and maintain their own new home. This is not a “hand-out” but a “hand-up!” Persons chosen must show they have a steady income and are able to make monthly payments into order to purchase their own home at low cost and low interest rates. These families/individuals must also put their own hours of sweat-equity to actually help build their own house. This gives them both a sense of pride and ownership. These homes are built both simple and well.

Both St. Peter and St. Paul have financially supported several of these builds over the years. We have members from both parishes who are very involved at the work-sites and help financially was well. God bless them! Last year, I even had our whole Parish Office Staff help for day on two different houses as a way of doing some charity work and as a means of creating a stronger bond between us. It was great! In the past six years, I personally have been involved with six different houses (builds). It’s kind of neat for me to drive through a certain neighborhood on my way to a meeting or event and look at a Habitat House and say to myself, “I helped build that thing!” You can too!

I encourage everyone to consider being part of the Habitat team and consider volunteering your time, talent and/or treasure. It’s a great way to put our faith into action. As Jesus once said, “Whatever you did to one of the least of mine you did to me.” (Mt 25,40) May God continue to bless Habitat for Humanity for their wonderful work.

Fr. LeRoy

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