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Week of June 23, 2019

Editors note: Fr. LeRoy is also enjoying a bit of our Minnesota summer for himself. For this week’s message Jean Schmitz the bookkeeper of St. Peter’s Church provides us with a reflection on Stewardship.

A reflection on today’s Gospel, Luke 9:11b-17 and stewardship.

Jesus (God) came that we might know him and in knowing him love him. His life and mission were love. He is teaching his disciples that mission. They were learning to care for the people. They cared enough to suggest dismissing the crowd so they could find lodging and food. But Jesus wanted to show them how to love more! “Give them some food yourselves.”

“Five loaves and two fish are all we have …” The disciples gave what they had to Jesus who took their gifts, blessed and broke them and gave the food to the disciples to set before the people. They all ate and were satisfied. There were twelve baskets of leftovers.

What do we have that we can give to Jesus for him to bless and give to us to distribute for our good and the good of others? How can we show our love in concrete ways?

We have our time; we are all given 24 hours in our day. How is it used? Sleeping, eating, working, playing, reading, using electronics, praying, and serving others. The list is long and our time is limited. We can’t get more time but we can wisely use the 24 hours we are given. Give of our time by taking time every day for prayer; thanking God for the new day, blessing our food. We can pause during the day and ask God what he wants for our day and listen. We can pray for our needs and the needs of others, we can prayerfully read scripture, we can give thanks at the end of the day.

We all are given talents, great and small and they can all be used for the good of our community. We all have something we can do that benefits others. Using our gifts for others builds our Church and community. On June 2, our Ministry Fair invited us to serve our Church’s needs. We also serve people in our greater community.

Another gift is our treasure. Most of us earn our money by working, using the talents that God has given us. We combine our efforts with what we are given. We can show our gratitude for those gifts and the fruitfulness of our efforts by giving some of it back to God. How much will depend on each person’s situation. Jesus said, “Give them some food yourselves.” He wants all of us to give something putting it into his hands so he can multiply it. Each offering matters and builds our community and the Body of Christ, the Church.

Sometimes we don’t give because we don’t think it will make a difference, but Jesus doesn’t measure using our values. After he fed the crowd with five loaves and two fish there were twelve baskets of leftovers, he is not stingy. He gives in abundance. He accepts what is given to him, blesses it and multiplies it. Let us give generously to Christ. A closing thought, if our life were videotaped, would it show that we loved Jesus by our actions; giving of our time, talent and treasure?

Peace in Christ,

Jean Schmitz

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