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Week of June 16, 2019

Every three years or so the Diocese of St. Cloud requires each parish to partake in what we call: Mission Cooperative Plan (MCP). The purpose of this plan is that each parish host some religious order or missionary group to help them raise funds for their specific work. Since many of these religious orders or groups do not have a readily available source of funding or a specific diocese to support them, they ask permission to speak to our parish congregations to explain their work, take a second collection, and so help them in their missionary efforts in Christ.

This year the Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul are asked to host such a group. They are called the “Pallottine Fathers and Brothers.” The Pallottine Fathers and Brothers are religious community of 2300 members spread over several countries on five continents. It was founded in Rome in 1835 by St. Vincent Pallonti. He is considered the pioneer in championing the role of Laity in the mission field. He is also recognized as influencing the teaching of Vatican II on the Laity. The motto of the Society is “Make everyone a Catholic, every Catholic a good Catholic and every good Catholic an Apostle.” Fr. Pallonti is noted for reminding everyone that they are all called to be apostles no matter where they are or what they do!

In India, and Zambia Africa the Pallottines inspire laity to take an active role in the church, run mission out-stations to help the poor and provide the basic necessities of life. They run orphanages, run educational institutes, dispense goods and do other charitable works, along with proclaiming the gospel and doing Faith Formation as well. In the traditional Catholic areas they concentrate on re-evangelization and training of laity. The Pallottines have several seminarians being trained for priesthood and brothers and are happy to announce that their mission is growing and expanding in both India and Africa!

Next weekend on June 22-23rd Fr. Leon Martin (a Pallottine priest) will be doing all the Masses. He will be explaining his work and asking for our help. A second collection will be taken at these Masses which will be sent to our own St. Diocese Mission Office who in turn will pass these funds onto the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers. This said, I ask that you consider being generous to their cause. You can either drop cash directly into our second collection that weekend or place a check in the envelope stapled to our bulletin in the coming weeks (if provided) or simply you can write a personal check to: “St. Peter (or) St. Paul c/o the Pallottine Fathers.” We will in turn forward these monies to our Diocesan Mission Office who will in turn forward this to the Pallotines. Please do not write a check directly to the Pallotines as these monies must pass through our Diocesan Office first.

In the meantime let us pray for the Pallotines in preparation for their coming as they are looking forward to meeting us. Special thanks in advance to your future generosity and giving!

Peace in Christ,

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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