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Week of May 26, 2019

Editors note: Fr. LeRoy is also enjoying a bit of the holiday weekend for himself. For this week’s message Jean Schmitz the bookkeeper of St. Peter’s Church provides us with a look at the final numbers from the “For Pete’s Sake” fundraiser:

For Pete's Sake 2019 Fundraiser Results

Raffle Ticket Sales $28,680.00

Dinner Ticket Sales $1,980.00

Raffle 50/50 $345.00

Silent Auction $1,792.00

Spring Fling Donations $6,500.00

Fundraiser beverages $530.00

Gross Income $39,827.00

Less expenses $(2,794.06)

Net Income $37,032.94

Budgeted $35,000.00

Over budget $2,032.94

Thank you to all who supported our annual for Pete's Sake fundraiser by selling, or buying raffle tickets, or making a donation. We exceeded our goal of $35,000! It was a great evening. All were able to enjoy delicious food, the silent auction and the drawing for the raffle winners. Donations and unsold tickets can be sent to the office or dropped in the collection marked for Pete’s Sake until the end of May. Thanks again to all who came and contributed their time, treasure, and talent to the “for Pete's Sake” fundraiser. Blessings on you all!!

“For Pete’s Sake” fundraiser committee

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