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Week of May 12, 2019 “Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all you mothers out there

a “Happy Mother’s Day!” Moms are so important to the healthy

upbringing of a child, the warmth, the loving, the hard work and

commitment mom’s show is truly a reflection of God’s love and so it

makes all the difference in the world. Here is a reflection regarding our


“God gave the world stars and there was beauty. God

gave the world the sun and there was warmth. God gave the world

the rain and there was life. God gave the world moms and there

was love!” (Joyful Noise Letter 2008) So God bless our mothers both

living and deceased. May they enjoy the fruits of their labors in Christ!

Speaking of commitment to our children, this is the time of

year when our parents here at All Saints Academy begin to register

their children for our new 2019-20 school year. Parents, if you have not

done so, please register so we can plan our school budget. Also, if you

(as a parent) have not considered enrolling your child here at our ASA

Catholic School, please think about it! We accept children of any age,

Pre-K through 6th grade. Here, at ASA we provide a safe, loving, Spiritfilled,

education environment with the help of our excellent Principal,

Staff, and parents who are welcomed to help in any of our programs.

One of the things we provide as well is “Tuition Assistance”

for those parents who struggle to make ends meet and pay their tuition

costs. We do this through our “Education in Endowments” which both

St. Peter and St. Paul have and offer to help. The average cost to

educate a child in our Catholic school is about $6,300 per year. (Just so

you know, the average cost to educate a child in public school is over

$20,000 per student with tax payer money.) This said, here at ASA we

provide a cost-efficient and cost-effective education for our children.

Given the $6,300 it takes to educate each child at ASA, you

should know that our ASA parishes pick up half of that cost to the tune

of $3000 per student. We then ask our parents to pick up the other half

of about $3,100 or so. However, for those parents who struggle with

this, there is our Tuition Assistance Program. Currently St. Peter has an

Education Endowment of $95,703 and a Parish Endowment of $281,677

and St. Paul has an Education Endowment of $1,417,223 to help. Both

these endowments are the result of some very generous donors, and

they continue to grow! Over the last 12 years St. Paul has awarded a

total of $723,092 dollars for parents of students, while St. Peter, over the

last 6 years, has awarded $95,682. This is a tremendous gift! Parents

need only to apply and demonstrate their need. Then, we use the

returns on our endowment principle to help. Parents who do receive

monies are ask to commit some volunteer hours to our parishes as a

show of thanks, which is minimal but important as well.

Again, may God bless our mothers and our children who are

so important to us. In this month of May, may Mary the Mother of God

pray for us!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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