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Week of March 24, 2019

This past week I ran across some words on ‘silence’ and how important this is for us, especially during Lent. Listen to these words from Fr. Henri Nouwen:

“The expression ‘to be on pilgrimage is to be silent’ expresses the conviction of the desert fathers that silence is the best anticipation of the future world. The most frequent argument for silence is simply that words leads to sin…which is also clearly expressed by the apostle James (James 3:2).

“Words often make us forget we are pilgrims called to invite others to join us on the journey. ‘To be silent keeps us pilgrims.’ The thought comes to me that it is as important to be silent with friends as it is to speak with them. Seeing so many people and talking with them about all that has happened and is happening to them often leaves me with a sense that we are not really being together. The exchange of countless details about people’s lives can often create more distance than closeness. Words are important in bringing hearts together, but too many words can alienate us from one another. Not every event has to be told, not every idea has to be shared. Once an atmosphere of mutual trust is present, we can be silent together and let the Lord be the one who speaks, gently and softly. Listening together to Jesus is a very powerful way to grow closer to each other and to reach a level of intimacy that no interpersonal exchange of words can bring about. A silence lived together in the presence of Jesus will also continue to bear many fruits in the future. It seems that a caring silence can enter deeper into our memory than many caring words.” (Fr. Henri Nouwen: The Primacy of the Heart.)

On a very different note: Just a reminder this week we are having a “Parish Hall Meeting” to present the new Area Catholic Communities as laid out by our Diocesan Planning Office. Our gathering will be at the Church of St. Peter on Tuesday, March 26th at 6:30 pm. in the gym. Here we will present the overall plan and hopefully answer any questions. In the meantime, consider taking sometime this week to simply rest in ‘silence’ and find rest for your soul!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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