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Week of February 10, 2019

This Sunday (February 9-10th) is “Announcement Weekend” for our “Bishop’s Annual Diocesan Appeal.” This weekend we are called to simply bring to your attention the upcoming “Commitment Weekend” next Sunday February 16-17th and to ask for your generous help and donation for our Bishop’s Appeal. Inserted in your bulletin this week you will see a flyer describing the various ministries this appeal from our Bishop’s Offices supports. These vital ministries include: Seminarians, Catholic Schools, Youth and Faith Formation Programs, Marriage and Family Life Offices, Television Mass, Diaconate formation and Multicultural Ministries. These are offices and ministries that no one parish can afford, but ministries and offices that each parish uses and is available to them. This year’s theme is “Baptized into One Body” (1Cor 12,13). This phrase from St. Paul reminds us that we are all part of the Body of Christ both needing and helping each other.

In Bishop Kettler’s own words, “The Bishop’s Annual Appeal supports services and programs vital to our family of faith here in the Diocese of St. Cloud. These ministries help us to fulfill our mission to be Christ’s heart of mercy, voice of hope and hands of justice.”

Next weekend, you will find an envelope and a pencil in each pew during Mass asking for your commitment and help. You can either take that envelop home to further discern what best to give and bring it back the following weekend to place in our collection basket or you can fill it out immediately during Mass with your check or monetary contribution and drop it into our collection basket today. Either way, we will be sure your donation reaches the Bishop’s Office. Every gift makes a difference!

With our new ACC (Area Catholic Communities) coming into play and on the horizon, our realization that we are part of a much larger ‘parish community’ and diocese really comes to the forefront, realizing that together we can do more than trying to do everything separate and by our self. This said next weekend I encourage you to please consider making a generous donation for this cause. On behalf of Bishop Kettler, “Thank you” in advance for helping our Bishop’s mission and our Diocese do the work of Jesus Christ. We may not be everywhere and able to physically do something for others, but we can support those who are on the front lines of God’s work.

Peace, and God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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