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Week of December 30, 2018

As always, I am very grateful and thankful for all of you here at our Twinned Parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul. We have a wonderful staff and parishioners who are so generous toward me in regards to sending me their Christmas cards, special gifts, and all your well-wishes this holiday season. Since it is very difficult for me to send a “Thank you” card to everyone personally, I would like to say it here: “Thank you! for your support and prayers and encouragement these past 5 ½ years as your pastor!”

Can you believe I am almost completing my first term here as your pastor? Who knows what the bishop has in store next year, but my hope is to stay here at least a little longer until we get our new Area Catholic Community (ACC) for St. Peter, Paul, Michael and Joseph (SPPMJ) off to a good start. I would be happy to remain and help in this transition, in part, because of the good people we have to work with here.

This being the Christmas Season, I do want to thank everyone who attended our Christmas Eve and Day services this past week. Special thanks goes out toward those who helped decorate our churches, sing in our choirs, use their musical talent to play at our celebrations, for those who greeted, ushered, lectured, altar served, were sacristans who helped set up, and for anyone who helped others get to our services this holiday by offering them a ride on their automated sleighs! Christmas Mass is so much better when our churches are filled! Thanks to Fr. Tom Olson and our Deacons who also helped in our celebrations. Finally, special thanks to those of you who have given so generously to our Christmas Collection in response to the Christmas letter I sent to you a couple weeks ago. We just can’t function unless we are able to pay our monthly operations and bills, so God bless you for your kindness to us.

This week we already start a New Year (2019). Can you believe it? Time does go fast, especially as we get older, as I am, and yet we know God entered into our human history and time to be with us! That’s the Good News, God’s gift in a child born (His Son) at Bethlehem! So often God shows His greatest power in total weakness, a little baby dependent on us and yet open to us so that we might not be afraid, distant or envious, rather that we might draw even to Him and He closer to you!! “May you have Peace-filled, Christmas season, and a Happy, Healthy New Year!”

Fr. LeRoy

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