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Week of October 14, 2018

In the book of Isaiah we are told, “...I have plans for you with hope and a future.”. Every since I can remember, our Wednesday’s were “church, youth group, Faith Formation nights”. I have been surrounded with family, friends and communities who have believed in me. I was born into a church with limits as a young girl. I have been one of the first women to proclaim the Word at Mass. I was blessed to study and be among the first in our country to be recognized by the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops as certified at a Masters level in Youth Ministry and in Catechesis.

I have completed full-time ministry in the church, serving for the past 38 years as paid staff. My last day of work was last week. My heart is filled with relief, gratitude, happiness and sorrow. I was so blessed to spend so much of my time and energy introducing, leading, following and supporting others in a growing relationship with a God who loves us beyond imagination. I have learned so much about life and faith...from young and old, as well as love and faith. I have always prayed from the beginning that I could end with the same love and passion I began with and I have! I was incredibly blessed with my soul mate who loved me and supported my vocational call. I would never for a second have been able to parent our three sons and served this way without Dave.

Dave was the strength and my rock. Our sons lived in a life that they carried with grace and I am filled with gratitude. Now... I need to honor my health and family and personal care. But I’m not done yet! I will rediscover and discern God‘s call. The Grief Project, more Hospital work, parish consulting and retreats are just the beginning. Oh yes, quilting, sewing, scrap booking and crafting will also fill my time. Family time and my faith life will be my primary focus; I have been and continue to be so blessed. Thank you for the blessing you are!


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