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Week of September 30, 2018

In this age of social media and mass communications, it’s more important than ever for we as a church to use every possible means to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and create positive and enlightening opportunities for people to grow in their Catholic Christian Faith. Christian Radio is one of those means at our disposal.

Here in St. Cloud we are blessed to have two great radio stations to help us in our journey as disciples of Christ. Gabriel Media is the parent company of two Christian Radio stations, SPIRIT 92.9 and 1180 AM K-YES who serve the needs of our listening area.

SPIRIT 92.9 is a station that basically focuses on great music and programing for the whole family. It is designed to appeal to people from all Christians denominations. “Family friendly listening designed to bring you closer to God” is their mission and goal.

K-YES 1180 AM, on the other hand, is what we call exclusively, Catholic Talk Radio. Here, the mission is a bit different. Rather than focusing on music, KYES speaks directly to Catholics who want to learn more and grow in their understanding of our Roman Catholic Faith. It features Relevant Radio Programing with insightful conversations as well as local programing which includes words from Bishop Kettler as well as local priests and area other leaders.

I believe each of these stations fills a special spiritual need in our area. They are both enlightening and inspiring for those who tune in! So often when we get into our car to drive somewhere, we hear mindless things on the radio that really don’t affect the important facets of our life. Christian Radio, can take the place of this by helping us grow in ways we cannot by listening to other stations. It’s really another convenient way to bring the presence of God into our daily life. Lately, I have tuning in more on these stations, and it’s great to hear new insight or perspectives, especially on K-YES.

For your information, K-YES is sponsoring a fundraiser their K-YES Benefit Banquet to be held on Tuesday, October 16th at the St. Cloud Rivers Edge Convention Center, registration at 5:00 pm. Patrick Coffin will be their keynote speaker. This year’s initiative is Catholic Schools. If you have not done so, you might consider attending this event or sponsor a table or simply provide some financial support for this all-important ministry and means of passing on our Catholic Christian Faith. and are two links you might chick into if you want to get more information. I recently received other information which we have put in back of each of both St. Peter and St. Paul church. Check it out! Are you tuned into God? Turning your radio dial to either of these two stations might help you “fine-tune” your spiritual life. Think about it!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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