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Week of August 26, 2018

Time seems to move so fast! It’s hard to believe it but the end of summer is just around the corner as we are fast-approaching the Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had some enjoyable rest and relaxation over the summer months with your family and friends. We all certainly deserve that! This said, now is the time when our all parish committees, choirs, and other parish organizations to really begin to ramp up. Among these is our own All Saints Academy School here at both our St. Joseph and St. Cloud Campus. Our first day here at ASA begins Monday, August 27th so I am sure many of our parents are getting their children ready for new school year by purchasing new clothes, new equipment, and new school supplies for class.

Once again, we have a great group of teachers and support staff here at ASA who are excited to get started, meet their new students, and begin a new academic year again. Of course we have many of our familiar teachers returning to be with us from last year and yet we also have some new faces on board with us. Let’s be sure to say, “Hi,” and to welcome them. Paula Leider, our own Principal here at the St. Cloud Campus, continues to do an excellent job supervising and guiding our staff. Now that this is her second year, she has become very familiar with our school system and how it runs. I look forward to working with her again this year as she shares her great knowledge and expertise with us.

If you, as a parent, have not signed your child up for Catholic School Education here at ASA, please consider doing it! It’s never too late, even in mid-school year! Catholic Schools provide an excellent opportunity for your child to grow both in academics and in his or her understanding of our Catholic Christian Faith. Even if you, as a parent(s) are not Catholic and your child is of another faith tradition, rest assured that you too are certainly welcomed to join us! We have other parents and students who are not Catholic and yet they are part of us simply because they appreciate a safe, warm environment and a Christian based education.

So, let’s continue to support our great Catholic School System and pray for our students, parents, and staff as we begin a new year. May God bless our students and teachers and may the Holy Spirit continue to inspire them!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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