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Week of August 5, 2018

“Congratulations Carl Zabinski!” This week Carl (our maintenance man) has joined the ranks of retirement from us here at St. Peter and St. Paul. Carl has spent an amazing 31 years as our head custodian/maintenance man for St. Peter and, in my mind, has done a wonderful job! Carl has always been very considerate, prompt, and generous with his time here at both our parishes. He has done a great job keeping our facilities up-to-date and looking fine. As pastor, I could always go to Carl to get a task completed or an update on various construction projects and improvements which stemmed from our planned spending of “Focus on Facilities” campaign monies. For many of these jobs, Carl was the “General Contractor” making sure all contractors and vendors were scheduled and ready to do their work. During his 31 year time period, Carl has also worked very closely with Gredo Goldenstein (our chief maintenance man at St. Paul) for the Church of St. Paul Church, for ASA School, and most recently for Tri-Valley as well. Over the years all our maintenance men Carl, Gredo, Pat A. and Noel J. have helped each other out and filled in on weekends. Thanks much!

This said, starting August 1st, Pat Applegate (one of our full-time maintenance men at St. Paul) has accepted a new position and will be taking over Carl’s role. Pat has also been with us for many years, but strictly for St. Paul. He comes with a great amount of experience and so it seems this is a logical fit. Pat will be working with both St. Peter and Tri-Valley in much of the same capacity as Carl. I ask that everyone welcome him aboard as our new go-to person for St. Pete! A new hire, Tom Loehrer, will be taking Pat’s place for ASA and part-time at St. Paul.

As a side note: After some discussion, Carl Zabinski decided he did not want any big appreciation celebration or acknowledgment from the parishes, rather a simple dinner and reception with our whole staff, which we did last week. We congratulated Carl for his many years of service and treated him and his wife with a great meal at Coyote Moon. So, if you see Carl around, be sure to make a point to thank him for his previous dedication and work. Wish him well on his golf games as I know he will now be playing much! God bless you, Carl, and may you have a healthy and enjoyable retirement!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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