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Week of July 8, 2018

Memorial Gifts to the Church

Family and friends often wish to honor the memory of a loved one in a special way. Our parishes offer a “Ministry of Remembrance,” or memorials that may take a variety of forms:

  • Mass Stipends-a Mass is offered for those who have recently died or upon the anniversary of a death. One name is read at any given Mass. The diocese has set this stipend at $10 but an offering of any amount is acceptable. Family members often gather at the Mass, finding strength and comfort in the Eucharist and community prayer.

  • Seasonal Decoration and Flower Funds-these gifts occur most often at Christmas and Easter, and intentions are printed in the bulletin. Gifts to the parishes are used for flower arrangements in the church and gathering spaces, and may also include decorative greens, such as swags, wreaths, and evergreen trees. Flowers and greens may also be used in planters at the church entrances, in our tabernacle area, and at our book of prayer intentions.

  • Memorial Funds-a gift not designated for seasonal flowers is used for liturgy and environment and may fulfill a variety of needs. Purchases may include flowers, plants and candles used for other special liturgies. The parish may replace or purchase altar cloths, banners/hangings and vestments, or more permanent items, such as sanctuary furniture, candle stands, and binders/books used during mass. Dollars may also be used for special music purchases and hymnals. Money is generally allocated at the discretion of the pastor, Liturgy and Environment Committee, and liturgists.

  • Other Gifts-it’s also possible to support programs within the parish. Perhaps a loved one served in a specific ministry, such as music or faith formation, or supported certain charitable works, such as parish nursing, church of the week, etc. You may designate a program or group to use your gift.

We are grateful for memorial gifts in any form. If you have further questions, please call the parish office.

Fr. LeRoy

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