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Week of June 24, 2018

By now, most of you know that fishing is one of my ‘passions.’ I think everyone needs something they are passionate about. Now, I am not just talking about the passion we might have for those whom we love, but also for those things such as events, activities, or hobbies we enjoy very much. The word, “passion” comes from the Latin word, “Patior” which means” to suffer.” (Of course, we all know of our Lord’s passion and suffering for us on the cross, and we should never forget that. After all, this is the basis of our faith, God’s passionate love for us!) Yet, over time, the word ‘passion’ has developed other meanings such as ‘to have an intense desire for’ or ‘to feel’ or ‘have a compelling force urge which moves us.’ Don’t get me wrong, my ‘passion’ for fishing does not fit all these categories exactly. We don’t want our passions to become our ‘obsession!’ In almost all cases, ‘obsession’ is not a healthy thing, since it often involves manipulation and control. We have to watch out for that. This said, I must say that fishing is something I thoroughly enjoy and at times am willing to suffer for, especially when it’s cold and rainy outside while I am in the boat. On those miserable days, it seems a person is surrounded on all sides by water and everything gets wet! It’s in those moments you realize that either you are crazy or you have a passion for fishing and eating fish as well! So what is your ‘passion’ or what things do you enjoy very much? What is it that re-energizes your life? Whatever it is, it’s good to take our passions to the Lord and in some way incorporate our faith while being thankful to God.

Speaking of this, next week I will be taking 12 men, members from our twinned parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul, on a ‘Fishing Retreat’ at Lake of the Woods. (I’ve done this several times before.) The Knights of Columbus, so generously, provide a cabin free to any priest who wishes to use it. For this I am very grateful. So, this week 12 of us will be traveling to the Lake of the Woods, to the Northwest Angle, to go fishing and incorporate our faith as well. “We will pray; we will fish; then we will pray for fish!” Seriously, my purpose is to use one of my personal ‘passions’ to enrich these 12 gentlemen in their faith and hopefully help them take that inspiration back home. We will have morning and evening prayer, a reflection, Mass and time around the campfire to talk. I think it will be a great experience!

So, pray that we have a safe, enjoyable, and enriching time away these next few days. Pray also that we have good weather and even catch some fish! Our plan is to leave early Monday, June 25th and return Friday on June 29th. If everything works well, we may even put a spot on our parish website for your viewing pleasure if you wish to check it out! Until then, have a good summer and be sure to enjoy one of your passions!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

Gone Fishing—Good Luck!

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