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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of May 27, 2018

“Congratulations to all our graduating students!” either to our own All Saints Academy 6th graders, seniors from Cathedral High School, or to any seniors from any one of our other Public Schools in our area. As a parish community, we certainly hope the best for you and we want to continue to pray for you as you begin a new adventure in your life. High School graduation, especially, marks the end of an era for many of our students. From here, career choices will be made and new fields explored. God wants to be with our young people, so I encourage our graduates to not leave your Catholic Faith or God behind. Stay connected! After all, on this Trinity Sunday, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is the one thing we can all depend on!

Now, let’s speak of Memorial Day: Memorial Day was first known as “Decoration Day,” whereby the tombs of Civil War soldiers from both sides, Confederate and Union, were honored and decorated as a way to remember them. This is why you often see American flags or flowers placed on tombs this day. As time went on, in 1882 it was named “Memorial Day” honoring all the dead soldiers from all the wars which have been fought to protect our American freedom. Believe it or not, it was not until 1967 that Federal Law made “Memorial Day” the official name and not until 1971 that the date was permanently set as the last Monday in May by Congress.

Memorial Day should not be confused with “Veteran’s Day” in November where all service men and women are recognized, living and dead. Memorial Day is different in that it honors only those who have died in battle and paid the ultimate price while serving our country. Maybe you know someone in your family in times past who has died for us. So, while you are enjoying that extra day off or while you are grilling outside or enjoying time on a lake, be sure to add to your meal prayer a remembrance for those who died for our freedom. “May God bless those who have given their life. May they rest in the peaceful fields of paradise! Amen.”

LeRoy Scheierl

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