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Week of March 4, 2018

As we enter into the mid-term of Lent, I hope you are enjoying our “Gather Us In” series on the Mass. We are trying to accommodate everyone’s schedules so you are able to view the sessions. Maybe you cannot attend all sessions; that’s fine. Come when you can! Our hope is that by the end of Lent you can better to explain to others the richness of our Catholic Faith in Christ.

Continuing my reflections regarding that all-important aspect of prayer, this week I would like to offer words from our own St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta entitled: Waiting in Silence. “If we really want to pray we must first learn to listen, for in the silence of the heart God speaks. And, to be able to see that silence, to be able to hear God, we need a clean heart, for a clean heart can see God, can hear God, can listen to God. When it is difficult to pray, we must help ourselves to do so. The first means we must use to help ourselves is silence, for souls of prayer and souls of great silence. We cannot put ourselves directly in the presence of God if we do not practice internal and external silence. God is a friend of silence. Let us adore Jesus in our hearts, who spent thirty years out of thirty-three in silence, who began his public life by spending forty days in silence, who often retired alone to spend the night on a mountain in silence. Let us adore Jesus in the Eucharistic silence.” (St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

If Jesus needed so much prayer and silence, it only makes sense that we too spend an important part of our time in silence, reflecting on our day and on our life. May your Lent be filled with the thought-provoking silence of God!

Words to Live by: “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of what you already have.”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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