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Week of February 25, 2018

We are already in the Second Sunday of Lent. My hope is that by this time you have attended one or more of our “Gather Us In” study groups showing the video series on the Mass. As Catholics, our Religious Education does not stop when we are confirmed, rather we are called to continue to grow in our faith and relationship of Jesus Christ. What better way than to learn more about what our Eucharistic celebration is about! For those who have participated in some of these sessions, I hope you have found them very insightful. For those who have not participated yet, I encourage you to please check our bulletin for opportunities and times and so that you can go deeper into the richness of our Faith.

This said, continuing my series of articles/quotes on prayer this Lent, I would like to present to you an excerpt on “Prayerlessness” that might provide you with an understanding of how important prayer is in every Christian Life.

“The worse sin is prayerlessness. Overt sin or crime or the glaring inconsistencies which often surprise us in Christian people are the effect of this (lack of prayer) or its punishment. We are left by God for lack of seeking Him. The history of the saints show often that their lapses were the fruit and nemesis of slackness or neglect in prayer…Trusting the God of Christ, and transacting with Him, we come into tune with men…Prayer is an act, indeed the act of fellowship. We cannot truly pray even for ourselves without passing beyond ourselves and our individual experience…. Not to want to pray, then, is the sin behind sin. And it ends in not being able to pray…We do not take our spiritual food, and so we falter, dwindle, and die. ‘In the sweat of your brow ye shall eat your bread.’ That has been said to be true both of physical and spiritual labor.” (P.T. Forsyth on Prayer and Worship)

I think it’s not by accident that Jesus often went out alone to pray, (to commune with the Father) especially when there were important decisions to be made. How much more, then should we take time to be quiet and pray and also listen to God!

Words to live by: “Rust ruins more tools than overuse does.”

Peace! And here is to a fruitful Lent!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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