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Week of February 18, 2018

I don’t remember the last time Lent began on St. Valentine’s Day and ends on April Fool’s Day, but this year it does. God, indeed works in mysterious ways! Of course, on Easter Sunday you could say Jesus “fooled” the devil and cheated him out of death and in doing so brought salvation to us all! With regard to Lent beginning on Valentine’s Day, as I mentioned this past Ash Wednesday, maybe a good way to approach Lent is by using the “K.I.S.S. Principle.” That stands for “Keep it Simple Sinner!” In other words, do something simple but also meaningful for Lent.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the K.I.S.S. Principle, this Lent I would like to use each of my weekly bulletin “Messages from the Pastor” to simply highlight some thoughts on prayer. In the weeks to come, I would like to present to you different quotes and insights about prayer that might help us all understand why prayer is such an important part of our Catholic Christian life. This is true especially during Lent. I would also like to draw from many other sources, from Catholic and non-Catholic sources alike. After all, there is something we can learn from everyone, even if we don’t’ agree on everything. Here it goes:

“What is prayer? Not the utterance of words. Words are but the vehicle of prayer. Prayer is an attitude of a person’s spirit, and (so) the elements of prayer may be diffused throughout our daily lives…. Our continual submission to God’s will is… essential for all prayer. Many people believe that praying is urging our wishes on God, and answered prayer is God giving us what we desire. The deepest expression of true prayer is not, “Do this, because I desire it, O Lord.” Rather, it is, “I do this because you desire it, O Lord.” So, that should run all through our daily lives the music of continual prayer beneath our various occupations, like some prolonged, deep bass note that bears up and dignifies the lighter melody rising, falling, and changing above it. Then our lives can be woven into a harmonious unity based upon continual communion, a continual desire after God, and a continual submission to Him.” (Alexander MaClaren)

Words to live by: “ To be perfect, just follow the advice you give to others.” Here’s praying and hoping we all have a meaningful and fruitful Lent!

Peace to everyone!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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