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December 3, 2017

This weekend begins the great liturgical Season of Advent. Advent is a season that calls us to prepare, not only to celebrate our Savior’s coming in history (Christ’s birth in Bethlehem), but also prepare for that day when Jesus will come at the end of time to meet personally with us! Will we be ready to greet our Savior when He comes with open arms? The Season of Advent is a time to prepare so we won’t be caught off-guard and joyfully meet our Lord. In some ways, Advent has been regarded as a “little Lent”, a time to repent of the little things we tend to put in place of God and a time to return our hearts to Christ. Once again, here is your chance.

When I think of Advent, one of the ways that helps me get into the spirit is to remember that the word, “Adventure,” draws its meaning from the word, “Advent.” An adventure speaks of a journey where the participant is both excited and apprehensive to the changes and challenges which lie ahead. And yet, that person believes, in faith, that whatever it is that comes will enrich our life and offer its own reward. We know that we will be better off having made that trek than if we had not taken that first step into the unknown. My prayer is that your Advent will be both exciting and rewarding as Jesus comes to us.

It is the spirit of Advent that I would also like to make this announcement: The Diocese of St. Cloud has just finished creating a DVD video series explaining the various parts of our Catholic Mass. In response to this, our own St. Peter and St. Paul “Rebuilt Parish Sub-Committee” would like to center our whole upcoming Lent on the Eucharist and the treasures of our Catholic Mass. Remember the goal of “Rebuilt” is to re-energize and change the culture of our Catholic Faith as well as our twinned parish communities. We want to transform from being “Consumer Catholics” to being true “Disciples,” who are actually engaged and involved in our parishes and who evangelize and invite others in. There will be more information forthcoming, but what we want to do is put together various opportunities for small study groups during 2018 Lent, to view this DVD series and have discussion as we learn more about the richness of the Mass itself. How can we bring more people into our Catholic Church unless we ourselves know and appreciate what we’ve got! Starting in Advent more word will be getting out as we prepare for Lent next year.

Words to live by: “Greener Pastures often have higher fences.” Let’s not be afraid to reach higher in Christ!


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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