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Week of November 12, 2017

Special thanks to all those who helped at our St. Paul Women’s Holiday Bazaar! Thanks to our crafters, those who donated Raffle Ticket or Silent Auction items and to those who provided the entertainment our very own “Sing for Joy” ensemble. These young girls are truly gifted and do an amazing job! Our Christian Women group also does a great job with the proceeds which they donate generously toward various charities and especially toward the needs we have here at St. Paul’s Church. All this is an important part of our parish life and the vitality of our communities!

This weekend I completed the third installment of my homilies on our Parish Mission Prayer which we pray at the beginning of Mass each week. In the days and years to come, my hope is to see our Parish Mission prayer become part of a major cultural shift in our Catholic way of thinking and acting. As Catholic Christians, we are not only called to a deep spiritual life centered around the Eucharist, but we are also called to be outward focused, “amazing” as our mission prayer suggests. We do this by inviting others to experience this great Catholic Faith of ours and to be part of us at our Sunday Liturgical celebrations.

One of my favorite moments during Mass is right after communion, when I am seated, and for a moment all is quiet in the church. For me this is where I feel the presence of the Lord in my soul and experience that the Lord is truly with us in the Body and in the Blood. As a presider, I would love to just sit there for another 15 minutes and just be at rest, yet I also know many people have other schedules to keep and places to go, so I am very conscious and aware of trying to keep our celebrations at or about 1 hour. (All of us can afford to spend 1 hour a week with the Lord. It’s a small price for eternity!) For this reason, I don’t wait too long, rather I do look forward to that short but sweet moment in my spiritual life. It’s enough to keep me going and pick up my cross again.

As a parish we will continue to recite our Parish Mission Prayer until the Advent Season at which time we will temporarily shift our focus toward preparing more for the birth of our Lord. Once Advent and Christmas seasons are over, we will resume reciting our mission prayer until Lent and Easter at which time, we will again shift our focus more toward the Pascal mystery of Christ’s dying and rising. It is during the Ordinary Time of our Liturgical Seasons that we intentionally remind ourselves, through our Mission Prayer, who we are and what we are called to do.

Words to live by: “Enthusiasm is contagious-and so is the lack of it.”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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