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Week of October 8, 2017

Last month we received word from the City of St. Cloud “proposing” to do a series of street improvements with a new sewer, water, pavement, and sidewalks in and around the Church of St. Peter. If “approved,” this is slated to begin in the summer of 2018 for the first phase and then continue with the second phase happening in 2019. Basically we are talking about all four streets which completely surround St. Peter when everything is complete. Since the Church of St. Peter does own a whole city block, my biggest concern will be the overall cost which could be quite significant. Best estimates right now are around $240,000.

At this time, I am currently having Carl (our maintenance man and some members of our parish Maintenance Committee) attend these City of St. Cloud meetings to gain more information. I am also meeting with our Parish Finance Committee, Parish Council at St. Peter and with Jean, our Parish Bookkeeper, and having some discussion as to what our options are. At this time, it looks like this project may not go through or may be postponed for a few years. This would give us some time to review this matter.

Again, I want to remind our parish members that at this point, it is my understanding that this project has not been fully approved, and yet I think we do need to start looking “down the road” so-to-speak and begin coming up with some possible solutions. This said, having another Capital Campaign (i.e. Focus on Facilities), which we just recently finished at St. Peter’s, is probably not one of those options. Before any decisions are made and should this project go forward, my hope is to have one of those “Parish Hall” meetings to present all the information to you as it comes in and discuss what “avenues” we might pursue. We want to keep this all very transparent so there are no surprises to anyone.

Words to live by: “Rather than find a fault, find a remedy.”


Fr. LeRoy

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