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Week of September 17, 2017

Inserted into our bulletin this week is a copy the Annual Parish Financial Report for the Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul. This report is part of a much more detailed and larger report each parish is required to submit to our Diocese at the end of our fiscal year, July 1, 2016-June 30th 2017. We as a parish, are also required to publish these numbers and make them public for you as members for your information as well.

One reason we like to wait until mid-September before we publish these to our parishioners, is because September is a time when most families are done with their family vacations and summer events and so more people will be able to see them. This said, please look over both our Annual Parish statements. Although we continue to experience a slow decline both in the number of parishioner members (mostly through death) and a decrease in overall income, we are still able to report that both churches ended up in the “black” between $20,000-$30,000. There is both good news and bad news in this! The good news is that both parishes are still financially sound, the bad news is that I (your pastor) together with my bookkeepers and Finance Committees must continue find new ways to save on expenses. This is very challenging for us! After 5 years of decline, the question is how long can we sustain this? And yet, by the grace of God we are able to do all right thanks to many of you who have been long-standing members and are financially supportive of us! God bless you for your financial generosity and the time many of you give in volunteering to keep our faith communities alive and vibrant. Of course, we could always use new members and more volunteers, so if you are young or old and have not done so already, don’t be afraid to get more involved.

There are many opportunities to get involved and many ways you can sign up. 1) You can simply ask someone who is already involved and ask how you can be part of them. (Human contact is always the best.) 2) You can visit our Parish Website and look for “Community” scroll down and click on “Time and Talent.” Or you can find “Ministries” scroll down and click on “Volunteering.” There you will find a sheet for both children and adults that you can fill out. Please fill this out and simply put in our Sunday collection basket or bring to our Main Office at St. Paul. We will then give this to the right people who will in turn hopefully contact you.

I do want to thank Steve Gottwalt for giving us his “Stewardship Talk” at all our Masses at both St. Peter and St. Paul this weekend, September 16-17th. Good Stewardship is something that does not happen by accident, so be intentional, and be part of us! After all, that is what being a “Disciple of Jesus” is all about!

Words to live by: “Ideas are funny little things….they won’t work unless you do.”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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