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Week of August 20, 2017

Mid-August is a time of year when many of our Parish Organizations and School planning begins to really gear up and prepare for September and the rest of the school year. Some of these groups or committees include Parish Finance Committee, Parish Council, Knights of Columbus, Christian Women‘s Group, Breakfast Groups, Prayer/Study Groups, Parish Choirs, Faith Formation Teams, CCS School Board, CHS School Board, ASA School Board, Principals and Teachers just to name a few. We are all starting to buckle down and get things ready. It’s both an exciting and yet challenging time to come down from our Summer season which seems a bit more relaxed and then brace our self for much more activity. As always, it’s all about calendars, scheduling, and planning various programs, gatherings and events as we decide where we need to spend our energies in order to provide the best services, care, formation, liturgies, and curriculum's for all our members young and old.

Parish Life can be a lot of organization, budget concerns and meetings (which are all very important and necessary) and yet, that should not overshadow or get in the way of our true goal of following Jesus and furthering the Kingdom of God in our midst. The Gospels themselves make some mention of those who helped Jesus in his ministry and the organization it required. Jesus, himself, recognized how important it is to work together. He too needed help. Just one example of this is how Jesus sent his disciples to various towns ahead of him to announce his arrival to their villages or how he also sent out his disciples on their own, two by two, to preach the Good News, anoint and heal the sick. Jesus also had various women who accompanied him and provided for his other needs. Apparently God’s work takes more than one person, even for the Son of God! Maybe that’s why Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered, there I am in their midst.” I imagine Jesus, in his own way, had to plan ahead and schedule where he needed to be and what he needed to do at particular places and times. This is not a unique challenge to our own period in history. We just got email and internet and cell phones that makes things a bit more hectic.

This said, I want to thank all those involved in our various Parish committees and school organizations and all those who help our parish and school ministries so we can continue to move forward and go strong. I want to make a special mention of both our new C.C.S. Superintendent, Kevin Powers, and our new principal, Paula Leider, here at our ASA, St. Cloud campus. Since July 1st, I have had numerous, and I mean numerous, contacts and meetings and conversations with both of them and I am very impressed with their knowledge, their insight and their skill set that they bring to the table. Both Kevin and Paula have had to do a lot of work in the short time they have been here and I, for one, am very appreciative of their willingness to dig in, make decisions and work so hard for us. I encourage everyone of you to give them your full prayers and support!

Words to live by: “A minute is a little thing, but minutes make the day. So, crowd in some kind deeds before it slips away!”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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