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Week of August 13, 2017

It’s been 2009 since our twinned parish communities have had a new Parish Directory. Now, I feel is the time to renew and update! The discussion of having a new parish directory has actually been on our Parish Council agenda off and on over the past year. In that discussion, both councils decided it would be best to wait until after our St. Peter & St. Paul Parish Mission, which was held back in February. Remember the title: “Living Faith, Hope and Love?” Both councils thought this mission would be an excellent springboard toward connecting individual members to our wider faith communities and bringing us even closer together as Church. Since 2009 much has changed in regard to contact information with new families arriving and other families either moving out or passing on. Changed also is the general make-up of our overall parish staffs. A directory then is a great way for us to get acquainted once again.

This said, starting this month (and for the next three months) certain members of our Parish Directory Sub-committee from St. Peter and St. Paul will be starting to get information out on how you can sign up to get your family or individual picture taken, provide any pertinent information for the director and essentially be a part of us. The decision was made to go with “Life Touch,” an organization who has much experience in doing directories in years past. It’s the same company we went with back in 2009. This new Parish Directory will be made at no cost to either parish, family or individual who has their picture taken and will receive a free directory when finished. You will also have an opportunity to purchase any number of photos that are taken for families and friends if you wish as well. In the future, updates to our directory may also be available, so we won’t have to do this from scratch for some time. Overall, this is a great opportunity and is beneficial for everyone, so I hope you will consider having your photo taken.

If you want to know more information or are interested in helping out, our contact people are: Joyce Kron and Rose Blesener. They are in charge of coordinating the project. More information will be forthcoming so stay tuned! Our plan, at this point, is to have photos taken at both locations, St. Peter and St. Paul this coming October. Hope to see your smiling faces there!

Words to live by: “A smile is a curved line that often sets things straight.”


Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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