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Week of May 28, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our graduating Seniors (the Class of 2017) not only from Cathedral High School, but also all the surrounding schools in the St. Cloud area. High school graduation is a big step and probably one of the biggest transitions into adult life a young person can make. This is where important decisions are made as to where to one’s future journey and career will go. It may lead us on further in school either to college or tech-school, or it can lead us to jump immediately into the work force earning a living. These are exciting and sometimes scary times for our young people, so let’s be sure to encourage, support, and pray for them.

Speaking of graduation, here at ASA, this coming Wednesday, May 31st at the 8:15 AM Mass at St. Paul, we will have our own little graduation of 6th graders. We will celebrate the time they had with us, and we will also pray for them as they enter into a new and different school come next Fall. God bless all our students and teachers and administration and volunteers at All Saint Academy for their wonderful work in Christ! Starting July 1st, we will also welcome a new principal here at the St. Cloud Campus. Her name is Paula Leider who comes to us with a wonderful skill set, and I am very confident she will do an excellent job here at our school. Paula, her husband, Jacob, and their 5 children have already moved into the St. Cloud area from the Twin Cities, so they are committed to being around for some time. Let’s be sure to give a warm welcome to Paula as she joins our ASA family!

Finally, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, which marks the unofficial beginning of Summer. This time of year schools begin to close and people start to open their lake cabins and hopefully get outside to enjoy the warm weather. I encourage everyone to get out and take some time off. No doubt, you deserve it, and it will make you a better person for your family and your job when you return. This said, don’t forget about God and Church! Our Sunday collections tend to suffer during the summer months, and yet it is important to keep our finances in good health. This is one reason why I encourage “electronic giving” so a person doesn’t always have to return to their home parish to contribute. Regardless of this, it’s good that we continue to pray and keep up that all-important relationship with God! As I like to say, “What you don’t you lose…” This is true of a lot of things, not only our abilities and talents, but it is also true for our spiritual life! This summer, don’t lose that connection to God. I assure you, keeping close to Christ and going to the Eucharist will make your summers more rewarding and enjoyable.

Words to live by: “For excellence, ask an expert…for wisdom, ask a sage….for honesty, ask a child.” God bless you all on the Feast of Ascension in Christ!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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