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Week of May 14, 2017

May is the Month of Mary! It’s a wonderful time to contemplate the wonderful and beautiful example of Mary, not only as the Mother of God, but also as the first disciple of Christ. If Jesus is the “Word made flesh,” then I wonder what the first words Jesus said were? I guess some secrets are best left for eternity, but Mary knows because she was there! Mary was there when Jesus spoke his first words as a child and when Jesus spoke his last words on the cross. From beginning to end, Mary was there.

As Catholics we know that Mary is not only the Mother of God, but she is also our mother too! While hanging on the cross, Jesus gave us his last and greatest gift, Mary as our Mother. He gave her not only to the “beloved disciple” (John) at the foot of the cross, but also to us as the Family of God, the Church. Since then, Mary has interceded for her children, the Church. She has spoken to many in prayer as a mother to other mothers and to all of us as followers of Christ. Throughout history Mary has even appeared to a blessed few to help guide and correct her children, the Church, the faithful in Christ. For 2000 years she has been with us, sharing in the glory of the risen Christ.

By the way, this May 13th marks the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. One hundred years ago, Mary appeared to three poor peasant children (shepherds) in Fatima Portugal asking them (and us) to pray and do penance for Peace in our world, for the conversion of Communist Russia and for an end to atheist regimes that were taking root and growing throughout our world. She warned of the impending danger and violence of both WWI and WWII if people did not change. These results we have personally experienced and seen. One hundred years later, my hope is that we are closer to world peace and not further away.

Maybe the solution rests not only in the heart of Mary our spiritual Mother, but in all mothers across the world as they teach, nurture, correct, lovingly guide and help form their children to become faith-filled, responsible adults in our world. This said, I want to wish all mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day!” May you see the rewards of your love and hard work not only in this world, but also in the next. God bless all our moms both living and deceased among us.

Words to Live by: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed!”

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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