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Week of April 2, 2017

We are now in the Fifth Week of Lent and are approaching the home stretch, or as I sometimes like to call it. “the seventh inning stretch” before the final innings and the determination of the final outcome of our contest with sin and death. Next Sunday already, begins Holy Week! It’s at this point, that I hope you have been able to keep up with your Lenten promises and observances and so deepen your relationship with God. As often happens, sometimes we fail at this, yet rather than give up, we should be willing to pick up our cross and begin all over again. Remember Jesus also fell, not once, but three times while he carried his cross. And, although it was through physical and spiritual exhaustion (not sin) that he fell, he certainly knew what it is to be human. This said, I would like to leave you with a quote from Henri Nouwen on prayer, which is an important part of our desert journey in Lent.

“Praying means being constantly ready to let go of your certainty and to move on further than we now are. It demands that you take to the road again and again, leaving your house and looking forward to a new land for yourself and your fellowman. This is why praying demands poverty, that is, the readiness to live a life in which you have nothing to lose so that you always begin afresh. Whenever you willingly choose this poverty you make yourself vulnerable, but you also become free to see the world and to let the world be seen in its true form. For you have no need to defend yourself and you can tell loudly what you know through your intimate contact with Him who is the source of all life….” (Henri Nouwen)

Words to Live by: “The important part of praying is a willingness to become part of the answer.” (Nona Baker, Indiana) Let’s keep praying now and throughout these final days to Holy Week!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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