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Week of February 26, 2017

Ready for some good news! First, I think everyone knows our recent Parish Mission was a great success! Even Fr. Peter Schavitz was impressed with the turn-out. We had over 2000 parish members and many people from our surrounding communities that attended the 5 sessions. As you will see in the bulletin, we also collected over $10,000 for the Redemptorists Order so Fr. Peter can continue to give parish missions throughout the United States. What a wonderful show of support from us! I continue to hear positive comments from various parishioners on how happy they were to experience this. May the Spirit of this Mission live on! Just a side note: As we were prayed for by the previous parish who had a mission from Fr. Schavitz, so Fr. Peter is asking us to pray for his next parish mission this March 4-9th in North Carolina. Please see further in the bulletin for details.

Second, we just completed our big fund raiser: our All Saints Academy Extravaganza as a final wrap-up for Catholic Schools Week. Initial reports that are in show that we raised over $110,000 this past February 4th! It was a great turn-out of parents and grandparents and supporters of our school from both campuses. This is our best result yet in hosting this event! I want to say “Special thanks” to everyone who attended. With all this generosity, I am both humbled and overwhelmed! Let’s also keep our Catholic School Spirit and System going strong.

Third, this coming week on March 1st we begin Lent. Please see the bulletin for Ash Wednesday services in both our parishes. Lent is a wonderful way for us to return to the Lord and be renewed in our faith life. One of the things both Parish Councils are contemplating during Lent is to provide extra upcoming opportunities to extend our Parish Mission and go deeper with our Catholic Faith in Christ. Stay tuned for this in the bulletin. Very likely it will entail a relaxed social atmosphere gathering, some food, some prayer, some conversation, and some reflection. Don’t forget to check out our Friday Stations of the Cross with Benediction also, which will be provided in Lent as well.

Fourthly and finally, as an added twist to my Pastor’s comments each week, I am going to put in a short quote or phrase called, “Words to Live By.” These will be witty little sayings that just might get our imaginations going and give us something to ponder. This said, here is your first one: “Rust ruins more tools than overuse does.”

Peace and God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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