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Week of January 29, 2017

“Are you ready to make a winning move?” The Churches of St. Peter and St Paul Parish Mission begins next weekend (February 5-9th ) and so we are excited to have Fr. Peter Schavitz come speak to us and help us make that “winning move…” for our Catholic Christian spiritual life!

It seems to me that some people might have a misunderstanding of what a “Parish Mission” is about, that it is about supporting and promoting our involvement in some sort of “world mission work.” This misunderstanding is partly due to the fact that our diocese has a “World Mission Sunday” in October of each year asking for our support of various Catholic missions in poorer countries. Either this, or our misunderstanding may come from the fact that every once in a while we invite a priest (or lay person) to our twinned parish communities to speak and drum up your financial support for their particular mission work. This is all good! However a “Parish Mission” is something completely different!

When a parish (or parishes decide) like ourselves decide to host a “Parish Mission,” you might think of it as a sort of spiritual revival for us! It’s where a person comes to give us some motivational talks and insights to help energize our spiritual life in Christ. It’s a time when we (ourselves) can be nourished in our Catholic Faith and be able to have a deeper understanding as to why we live and do what we do as followers of Jesus Christ! A Parish Mission is not for some other people, it’s specifically for you and me, and it’s a rare opportunity in our journey with the Lord!

So often we are called to serve and support others to help Christianity spread and grow….yet this great event allows us to be nourished and fed, because we need to be nurtured too. How can we be bearers of the Good News unless we ourselves are excited about Faith as well? So, again, I encourage everyone to join us in the coming week. Come every day to receive the full benefit of our Parish Mission or come on those days you are able…any little time you spend and are able to hear Fr. Peter Schavitz speak will be a benefit for you! And who knows? It may, in fact, help you make a “Winning move!”

Finally, one note about Catholic Schools Week. This weekend is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week (Januray 28th thru February 4th). Here at St. Peter and St. Paul, we are part of All Saints Academy and so this weekend certain children from ASA will be taking part in our Saturday evening 4:30 pm. Mass just to highlight and draw attention to what Catholic Schools are about. I, as a priest, feel it is so important that children in their early years and in their primary grades experience a loving, supportive and spiritual environment in which to help them learn and grow. Catholic Schools provide just that atmosphere for them! One of our themes here at ASA is: “Where Spirit inspires Education!” Here, we try to incorporate not only our Catholic Christian faith in every aspect of our children’s learning, but also give them a quality education as well. Mr. Chris Schellinger (our President), along with all our principals and staff and parent-volunteers, do an excellent job of nurturing our children in so many ways! So, I encourage you, as parents, to look into Catholic Education for your child if you have not done so already, and if you are a grandparent or member of our parish communities of St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Michael, St. Joseph (Waite Park) or St. Joseph (St. Joe), I encourage you to continue to support us both spiritually and financially and to encourage others to be part of this our great Catholic School system. Thank you and God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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