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Week of January 22, 2017

“IS IT TIME TO RE-ALIGN YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPASS?” Every once in a while we all need a “jump-start” or a “re-alignment” not only for our cars, but also in our spiritual life. Batteries often go dead in the cold of winter and tires often hit huge pot-holes that mess up our wheel-alignment as we try to travel along and so it is also with our relationship with Christ as we move along the bumpy road of life. Our upcoming Parish Mission is a wonderful opportunity to renew ourselves, especially as we prepare for the Season of Lent.

The purpose of a Parish Mission is to get people excited and re-energized about their faith in Christ. It’s a way of not only inspiring those of you who are committed Catholics and are already actively involved in our parish communities, but also a way to invite and welcome new members, others who are not part of us (or seldom visit us) to find a deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with God. No one is excluded by Christ!

Our Parish Mission, coming early February, is entitled: “Living Faith Hope and Love.” Now, if you use a little imagination this title could be a noun or active verb depending on the context. This is by design! You see, our connection to God should be both and…. This title is meant to be a statement of our awareness of God. It is meant to be an active part of who we are. Our Catholic Christian faith in Jesus is both verb and noun! A suggestion I make is that you take a few moments to reflect on this title and try to see how the different facets of your life apply.

Finally, a comment I have been making to various people about our Parish Mission is this: “A Parish Mission is not only something we do for ourselves, but it is also something we do for the people who will be positively affected by the change in us.” These are the ones we love!

As the days draw near, be sure to look over the information we have sent to you in our Christmas mailing regarding our Parish Mission or check out our parish website or watch for more information in our bulletin, the St. Cloud Visitor, or even our local Radio Station or email blasts which some of you will receive. The details are all there! “Two Parishes, one Mission!” that is what we are about!

So, as this great event is approaching and in the time remaining, let’s pray for the success of our Parish Mission and for those who will be attending and affected by it. Let’s pray for Fr. Peter Schavitz who will be our speaker, that the Holy Spirit will not only touch and inspire him but also revitalize all those who join us in Jesus Christ!

Fr. LeRoy

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