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Week of November 20, 2016

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe

The Liturgical season of All Saint’s and All Soul’s has arrived. I have come to appreciate this season. I find this time supportive in teaching me about living our baptism and death.

At our Baptism we are baptized into new life in Christ that recognizes we will die in Christ to live again. An incredible concept and I continue to be in awe of all that this means for my life and my death.

We began this month by remembering and celebrating the Saints. Our heritage, our lineage, our relatives, our Catholic family-our saints. All those holy men and women that we can rely on to pray with and for us…our saints. Our holy group of those who have gone before us, living faith-filled lives, is with us. Many of the Saints we recognize are those that our Church has officially Canonized. Then there are the group of people who by living their lives, have inspired, touched and continue to hold a piece of our heart-the people whose lives have interfaced with ours and we are better for that blessing.

We also take this time to remember All the Souls of those who have died. In our parishes we take the time to name our beloved who have died this past year, light a candle and support those that are grieving. We trust in their eternal salvation and a great reunion one day. A time to pause and remember all who have loved us and we have loved that have died as well as those who continue to live on in this world. We trust in their eternal salvation and a great reunion one day.

In the meanwhile we journey without them in our physical lives. I know this journey and pain well, my beloved soul mate and my life’s great love died. My wonderful friend, husband and the very best father God could have blessed our sons to have in their lives. A faithful and faith filled man of God, of service and humility. When this time of year comes around, for the third time since Dave has died I realize how much this season and time means for me. I am exhausted from his death. I miss him, I miss who I am with him and I’m not so sure I like the person I am without him. Grief permeates my life and the ripple effect touches those in my life.

My personal experience teaches me to more fully realize the pain that those who have lost their loved ones may endure; the comfort of hearing the name or memory of our beloved. And, to remember our beloved are not forgotten. We remember, we celebrate them and we believe in the resurrection.

All Soul’s has become a great season for me to stop and take the time to remember others who have lost their family and friends. To take the time to make a phone call to let them know I hold them in thought and prayer. To send that sympathy card that was never sent at the time of death. Time to remember.

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