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Week of October 30, 2016

Inserted in each of our bulletins is a detailed and full summary of both the Focus on Facilities Capital Campaign at St. Peter and our Journey in Faith Capital Campaign at St. Paul. If you look very carefully, you will notice that over the past three years we have made some tremendous improvements in both our facilities, thanks to you! All these projects have taken a coordinated effort on the part of our Parish Maintenance Staff, Maintenance Committees, Bookkeepers, Contractors, Parish Finance Committee and Pastoral Councils, not to mention I as your Pastor. I am very proud of the monies you as members of both St. Peter and St. Paul parishes have been able to raise and what we have been able to accomplish with this. We had set some pretty high goals in both our capital campaigns and projects and now I can say we are nearing the point of completing them…..again, Thanks to you! Many of the items listed you may not be able to recognize since they are things we don’t normally see in everyday life like some of our roofs, yet these items were in much need of updating, repair, replacement, or improvement and were essential to keeping our plant running and in operation. I believe we have spent our money wisely with the help and advice of many volunteers and I believe we were able to make both our facilities more welcoming, vibrant and inviting to parishioners both old and new.

As you may know, maintenance and improvements on our facilities is an ongoing issue, just like the constant maintenance of your own house, but on a much larger scale. Some improvements will have to continue, but I feel we have gotten some of the largest of projects done and are sitting quite well for the future. A summary of these reports will also be on our parish website for your future review. God bless you all for your generosity and to all those who volunteered on various planning committees to help! Peace and good will to everyone

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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