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Week of October 16, 2016

October 8-9th Chuck Rau, a trustee from our twinned parishes gave a great talk at all the Masses on “Stewardship Sunday,” what stewardship means, and how it should affect us. Stewardship is a shift in attitude, a change in our perspective of a God who has truly blessed us and how we can offer some kind of return of thanks for the many blessings we have received. It’s about a transformation in our understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This would not just include the giving of our “Treasure” to support our local parish, but also the giving of our “Time” and “Talent” as well. A good steward does something in all three!

Not long ago I gave a short talk to our Confirmation students and told them there is a difference between being a “fan” of Jesus and being a “follower” of Christ. I think we can all agree it’s easy to be a “fan” of Jesus, after all, what is there not to like? Here we have a God who sent his own Son to enlighten us, to heal us, to live and die on the cross to forgive our sins and to open the gates of paradise! A fan, however, simply sits in the stands cheering on their favorite player or team, but they are not really involved. Jesus did not come into this world to make us fans, rather he came to show us how to become a true follower or disciple. A follower is one who takes it to the next level. He or she embraces the whole mind and heart of Christ, willing to share his burdens and his blessings through a living faith. A follower is willing to do their part and see this as an essential piece to their connection and relationship with God. This is a big part of what stewardship is about.

During the weeks following Chuck Rau’s stewardship talk, we have people available at tables in the entries of both churches after Mass, willing to answer any questions you may have and how you can become more involved. There are many excellent opportunities for everyone to volunteer, even in small ways, to help our parish communities thrive. I encourage all of you, then (especially those who have not already done so) to meet these people, ask questions, and hopefully sign up for some parish volunteer position or ministry. There are sheets available listing the many ministries we have. Lately we especially need more ushers, greeters, and those willing to help serve at funeral luncheons and funeral liturgies. Please prayerfully consider how you can deepen your sense of discipleship from “fan” to “follower” in Christ.

Finally, I do want to give a huge “Thanks!” to those who already do their part. You certainly have done a great job and I hope you will continue as well. God bless you for your work in Christ!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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