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Week of September 4, 2016

Here’s hoping you are having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and a celebration of the end of Summer! Although most people see this weekend as just an extra day off from the grind of our paying job, I feel we should also be reminded that to work is a privilege, an honor, and a blessing for each of us! As an old, wise retired priest once put it, “The only thing worse than being too busy is to have nothing to do at all!” This being said, we should be thankful that we can work with our minds, our hearts and our hands, and that we are able do something productive by earning a living for our self and our family. In the Book of Genesis, it says on the seventh day, “God rested from the ‘work’ He had done… creation.” Work then is part of the mind and heart and spirit of our God. Going to work, in some sense, is to have a share in God’s creative power no matter what the job is we do! This is one reason why , I believe, those who lack work or are unable to work also struggle with a lack of self-esteem, since work is inherent to who we are as Sons and Daughters of a working God. So, as you are sipping on your “Red Solo Cup” and enjoying a well-deserved day off, be thankful that you are working or have a job and in some way are building the Kingdom of God!

On a second note, I want to take a moment to welcome Tri-Valley Opportunity Council into our community here at the Church of St. Peter. For the past year we have been in discussions and negotiations with Tri-Valley, seeking ways to boost our income at St. Pete’s and yet provide a well needed community service. Tri-Valley is a non-profit organization which provides many services for needy families, one of them is providing a daycare and a head-start facility for migrant and/or seasonal workers.

We are currently in the process of having all our building codes, updates, inspections, and zoning approved and so beginning soon, hopefully in September, Tri-Valley Headstart will be renting part of our south wing for their school/daycare here at St. Pete’s. This particular school/daycare is for “Seasonal Workers” who do not have affordable daycare for their children. “Seasonal Workers” are those who work mostly in the agricultural field, are not employed year-around, and who happen to be mostly Hispanic. Children are bused to St. Peter’s from their homes in the St. Cloud and surrounding areas while their parents take off for work. These children range anywhere from just a few weeks old to about 5 years. The purpose of Tri-valley Headstart then is to give these children the skills needed as they grow and prepare for regular school and kindergarten. They will be using most of the rooms on the south wing which includes an office, as well as part of our gym and our kitchen facilities. For each of these spaces there will be lease agreement and rent.

Tri-valley does welcome any volunteers who might be willing to help, including those who would like to simply “hold babies” and be a mother or grandmother to these children. We could call it our, “Ladies holding babies” volunteer program! If you (or anyone) might be interested in volunteering or need more information, you may call or contact their site manager, “Graciela,” whose office is just down the hall on the south wing here at St. Peter. It would be great to see little children in the halls not only at St Paul with ASA but also at St. Peter parish again. My hope is that this will be a good partnership that benefits us all.

God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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