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Week of August 28, 2016

This coming week, Tuesday August 30,th marks the beginning of our new school year here at All Saints Academy! I imagine our children are excited to get back into their classrooms, to see some of their old and new friends, wear their new school clothes and use their new school supplies all purchased by their moms and dads. For children, summers can get kind of long or boring, so I am sure they are ready for a change of pace, to learn and grow in their academic and spiritual life as a new school year begins. Of course, our teachers too are excited to get started and meet their new students as well. Summers can get a bit long for them too. This past week our teachers have been setting up their classrooms and getting everything ready again.

Here at the St. Cloud Campus for ASA, one of our goals is to keep our teacher to student ratio low (Approx. 1 teacher to 14 students) so as to improve and maintain a quality Catholic education. We have 2 teachers for each grade level from Pre-school thru 6th grade. In addition to our returning teachers, this year we welcome two new teachers: Ms. Staci Hennen for Pre-school and Ms. Rachel Johnson who will be teaching in our Kindergarten. At our St. Cloud Campus we currently have 33 - Pre-school children and 198- K-6th for a total of 231 students. There may even be a few more students to come!

This year, for the first time here at ASA, we are offering an All-day Pre-school option for our parents and students while continuing our half-day choices and programs as well. This will certainly help build a strong foundation for our campus for future years to come as these children move on to other grade levels. Special thanks to Chris Schellinger our president, Marissa Bristow working with Dept. of Human Services, Gredo Goldenstein as our general maintenance and contract coordinator, Mary Ellen Keymer as our monies person and many others who have helped coordinate and support all the updates to our facility to allow for an All-day Pre-school option and program.

Believe it or not, we’ve had to jump through a lot of hoops both on a state and local level to make this possible. The funds for these building updates have come from both ASA and our Journey in Faith Capitol Campaign monies here at St. Paul….so I want to say, “Thanks!” I think I echo Chris Schellinger’s desires by saying we are very excited for school to begin and we pray and hope for a great experience for both our children, our teachers, and our parents as we embark on this new Academic 2016-17 year to come!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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