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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of July 17, 2016

DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES: Once every 3 years our Diocesan Mission Office requests that each parish host a Catholic charitable organization at all our weekend Masses as part of our Mission Cooperative Plan. The purpose of the Mission Cooperative Plan is to allow some outside organizations into our diocese to promote their work and hopefully drum up some financial support from us. The weekend of July 30-31st a representative from “Divine Word Missionaries” will be speaking to us, and telling us of their work in Christ. As part of the weekend, we will be asked to take up a second collection to help support their cause.

“Divine Word Missionaries” is a Religious Mission Community dedicated to spreading the Word of God in Catholic missions throughout our country and in our world. I would like you to please welcome the Divine Word Missionary representative when they come to visit and speak to us. Let us also be prepared to contribute to the second collection for them on that weekend and to help support the great efforts they make to spread the Gospel of Christ. Thank you!

Fr. LeRoy

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