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Week of May 22, 2016

This week I thought I would give you some housekeeping details. Summer is a time for various construction projects. For this reason, I would like to tell you about a few items we have planned in both parishes so you won’t be alarmed.

After our Parish Hall meeting at the Church of St Peter we have decided to go ahead and extend our fire sprinkling system throughout most of our building at St Peter Church. The sprinkler system will help us bring our building more up to code so we can invite “Tri-Valley,” a non-profit Daycare, to lease and use five rooms in our facility. Without getting too specific, they will be generally using the south wing of our building during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. If construction has not begun, plans are that it will begin soon! We do not know when this project will be completed, but when it is Tri-valley will be part of us. Don’t be surprised if you see some little children gracing our halls again. Secondly, in addition to this, Madison School has asked to lease some space from St. Peter this summer for their Kid-stop. Madison School, next door, is undergoing some major renovations so they asked if we could help. Beginning in June, they will be using 3 rooms on the north side of our facility at St. Peter. In the long run, both these organizations will help our income and better utilize our space. For a time, this might be somewhat of an inconvenience, with construction and activities, yet I believe we will be able to coordinate and accommodate this along with all our usual parish summer events. Everyone has been notified so it should work out. Monies for this will come from our Focus on Facilities campaign.

With regard to the Church of St. Paul, plans are moving forward to bring in All Day Pre-school for All Saints Academy starting this Fall. Again, this means we will most likely have to put in fire sprinklers in a portion of our building. This too will be somewhat of a major construction event, but I believe we will be able to work it out. We are also looking at putting new flooring in a large portion of our parish worship space. Along with this, we will be finishing our choir area with new flooring and chairs as well. Plans are to start sometime in June and July, while working around various wedding events. We are also in the process of putting new (more efficient) LED light bulbs throughout our worship area in church. Some fixtures will need to be replaced since companies no longer make some of the replacement bulbs. The hanging fixtures will remain, but with better LED bulbs inside. These new bulbs will still have that warm, yellow glow, but my hope is that the new lights will truly brighten our worship space up! Most of these projects will come out of our Journey in Faith Campaign or Maintenance Investments. Finally, we received a nice donation to finish a brick sidewalk leading to our Prayer Garden. The new brick walk will extend all the way to our main sidewalk and so be more inviting for people to come, pray and rest.

So, there you have it, just some of the construction projects coming up. It’s all about making our parishes inviting and vibrant. Peace to you all in Christ!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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