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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of May 8, 2016

May is the Month of Mary! And, I feel this is for some obvious reasons: First, May is a month where Spring has truly sprung with all the new life bursting forth from our trees and plants and animals. Everything is green and alive! For us as Catholics, Mary has always been regarded the harbinger of life. She is also considered the “New Eve” having given life to Christ. The word, “Eve,” means “Mother of the living” and so Mary certainly fits that bill more than anyone else, like the month of May fits the bill for all things living in the Springtime of year.

May is also the month with “Mother’s Day” in it and so what better mother than Mother Mary who the Mother of God and who shines as that beautiful example for all mothers as they seek to love and nurture their child(ren.) Mary, was given to us by Jesus on the cross so she is our mother too!

Finally, we believe Mary was there with the apostles at Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples of Christ and the Church was born. Mary was that constant, vigilant and motherly presence for the early Church and a living witness of Jesus from beginning to end. I imagine the early apostles and disciples and Gospel writers went to Mary often to seek her wise advice and also to write some of the things only the Mother of God could know about Jesus Christ.

For these reasons and probably many more May is the Month of Mary. So, as you and I enjoy these fresh, green days of Spring, let’s say a pray to and through Mary. Let’s ask her to protect and guide and advise us as she did in those the early days of the Church. Let’s allow her mother’s love to come to us!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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