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Week of May 1, 2016

Last weekend the Diocesan Pastoral Council met at the Church of St. Paul for their quarterly meeting. The Diocesan Pastoral Council functions much like our own Parish Pastoral Council only on a large Diocesan level. It is headed up by a lay Chair leader and overseen by Bishop Kettler himself. Together they discuss certain topics and issues concerning the welfare of our St. Cloud Diocese. This past Saturday, we hosted their day-long meeting providing coffee and rolls for breakfast, a place to meet, a Mass and noon dinner on our behalf. I provided a short welcome and brief history on the parish church as is their tradition. Special thanks to those members of St. Paul who helped host this gathering on our behalf.

The next couple weeks, during our regular weekend Liturgies, we honor our First Holy Communion children who receive the Body and Blood our Lord. Congratulations to them and their parents! The Eucharist is so central to our Christian life in Christ. As I always tell our children, “You are what you eat!” that is why Jesus sought to become food for us so that his life might live and flow through us, that we might share in his mission here on earth and also receive his eternal life in the new world to come! Special thanks to Geralyn Nathe-Evans, our Faith Formation Director and our 2nd grade teachers both on Wednesday nights and at All Saints Academy for doing such a fine job preparing our students for this important moment in their life. So, to our Children, “May you feel the presence of the risen Jesus in your hearts as a means of guidance, strength, and support!”

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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